Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Scoop on the Poop

So there is this guy that lives in my town and I am feeling consumed with guilt because I don't think I'm feeling the "proper" amount of sympathy for him right now.

I don't like him.

Our paths have crossed socially and professionally for years.

I never liked him.

He's always come across as arrogant and superior.

He taught my oldest daughter in school. She didn't like him

Our younger kids went to daycare together.

If my two year old took a toy from his two year old, he mentioned it in class to my daughter and embarrassed her.

I always had this feeling he was looking down my nose at me and that he thought I was some kind of superfluous bit of fluff.

He never said anything - it was just how he made me feel.

My youngest son goes to school with his son. His son is rather pompous (or so say most of the teachers he has had along the way). The kid is very bright, but arrogant.

We've served on committees together, this man and me, and he puts himself out there as an expert on everything we discuss.

It makes me crazy.

When we moved into this house we had extra fencing. I mentioned to someone that the guy could have the fencing because his son was going to raise goats. The man called and asked if he could come get it immediately. I was getting ready to go somewhere and told him the next day would work out better. He argued. I said no, tomorrow is best because I was busy. He showed up five minutes later. Rude!

Three years ago his wife was diagnosed with cancer. I didn't know her that well, but she seemed nice enough. I felt badly for her, for their two kids, and even for the man. It was an aggressive form of cancer; we all knew she wouldn't survive.

Late last month she died. It truly is a tragedy for that family. Nobody deserves that to happen to them - not her, the kids, her friends, or the man.

On Sunday I saw the man at our local town thingy. He came over to hang out with my friends and me. I told him again how sorry I was that his wife died. I said all the things one should say in that situation.

I was involved with something else and didn't really listen carefully to the conversation he was intently having with one of my friends.

Later I find out their conversation was him grumbling about something. He was being his negative and superior self about an issue that was very important to my friend that he was discussing it with.

She chalked it up to the fact that he must be having a difficult time right now.

Not me.

I just thought "he's like that all the time".

Hell, I am sitting here actually feeling guilty for not feeling guilty because I can't jump on the "cut him some slack, his wife died" bandwagon.

He was a poop before.

I think he's a poop now.

Now he's a tragic figure to people and I can't say I think he's a big stinker or I'll look like an unfeeling twit.


Oh well. I can say it here.

He's a poop!


Sunday, July 25, 2010


It's that time of summer - my little town has its weekend of play and celebration. In the past I've always just gone to the parade on Sunday. This Babycub volunteered to work a couple of the Saturday events for her volleyball team. One of them was yesterday's "bean bag toss".

I figured it would be something for wee kiddies, so I grabbed the wee baby granddaughter to take with me. Nope, nada, I was wrong.

Who knew that in my small town the beanbag toss would be so popular among the adult world? They set it up on the street (blocked off) in front of our local bar. The volleyball girls keep track of the score sheets while the local peeps pay $10 each turn to try to get the most points. The winning team of two claims $100 at the end of the evening.

I marveled at this thingy as people brought lawn chairs to sit along the street so they could sip beer while watching each other toss beanbags at targets. It really was pretty damn quaint. At first I laughed to myself, but then it occurred to me - I'm damn glad I live in such a small, safe little world. How awesome that in this era of war, terrorism, and dirty bombs that my people still get a kick out of being together and tossing beanbags.

Yup, I'm glad I moved here.

On an entirely different note we have a problem with the wee girl grandbaby. She speaks now and her word for "frog" sounds far more like "fuck". It's a little disconcerting to have such an innocent sweet voice asking for a "greek fuck". Ha!


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Crossing Fingers

It's tentative, but it looks like I may know what I'll be teaching next year. With all the ups and downs with my district, nobody really knew what would be going on in the fall. I will still have my 10th and 11th grade kids, but they are adding 9th grade to the mix.

Of all the grades I'm licensed to teach, this is my least favorite age. Those kids are too old to do silly things like the younger kids do and too young to do some of the things the older kids do. All that middle ground makes them a hormonal mess that can drive a sane teacher insane. I don't know what it will do to someone like me - already a bit off the wall!

Next, this particular group of ninth graders are going to be a challenge. They've been that way since elementary school. Fortunately, I connected with some of them when they were in 7th grade - those kids have been following me around, texting me, spending lunch hours in my room, etc. ever since. I'm hoping that will help me this year.

Finally, the subject matter. *insert yawn* I'm licensed to teach seven different areas - two of them are my least favorites and this is one of the two. It's government. Ugh ugh ugh! I'm going to be scrambling for the rest of the summer. I've never taught this subject and I know it can be horribly dull if not taught the right way. I have to find that way!

I do love changes and challenges, so this is going to be unique. In a quirky weird way I'm looking forward to it. Hmmmmm we shall see!


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

New Boobies

After reading Bliztky's blog about going back to Poland and seeing how some things changed and some things stayed the same, I thought of something that happened the last time I saw my extended family.

I have this wonderful cousin, K. She and and her hubster were at the family thingy that we have every July 4th. While a group of us were just hanging out, I noticed 'em.

No no no, I am not talking about noticing her and her hub. I am talking her boobs.

I don't generally find myself staring at or checking out boobies, but one glance at hers had me pondering. I had to look again.

In a flash many many many previous conversations involving her moaning and groaning or commenting on her lack of chest material. She no longer appears to be lacking.

She has always been tall and willowy. She's still tall and willowy. I say that because sometimes weight gain leads to booby gain. That's not the deal in her case.

When we left I asked one of the resident boobie expert if he noticed a difference. The conversation went sort of like this.

moi - "Do you think K had a boob job?"

hubster - "Well duh!!!!!"

Yup, the man is a typical man. While I wondered, he taken note, assessed the situation, and was certain of the facts. Many guys are like this, no?

The question I put out there is - is it proper, friendly, snoopy, yada yada to simply say something like "Wow, K, I love the new rack!"



Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Geared Up

I have found it.

Well actually someone else found it for me, but hey - who cares? It could be my future!

Last night at a school board meeting the board chairman said to moi "Just wait until you see what we have in store for you!"


He was chuckling about this; I figured it he was up to no good, but I just had to ask.

His response?

"We're going to get an old school bus and paint it blue. We're going to put you in it and turn you loose on the race track"


Apparently, a local race track has an annual bus racing event. This year another school entered it and used the side of the bus as a huge advertisement for their district. Clever clever!

Somewhere in all of this, our school board has decided that I get to do this next year. I glanced over at the zany teacher that is usually at my side when crazy adventures are taking place and said "only if my partner in crime goes with me!"

She moaned, laughed, and said she would.

Okay, so neither of us has ever driven a bus. We both drive compact cars. We've never done any kind of racing.

What the hell?

It sounds like fun!

This time next year I may start my racing career in a school bus, but I figure by the end of the summer I'll be ready for Indy. Look out Danika Patrick, there's a new girl racer on the way!


Saturday, July 17, 2010

Another World

They didn't want me. Oh woe woe woe is moi. Actually, I'm truly not upset about not being contacted about that job. I just thought it would sound wonderfully dramatic to do the whole woe is moi thing.

I have time to figure out what I am going to be when I grow up. However *insert shudder here* I do have a sudden concern about what will become of me. It didn't actually occur to me until I was dangling my toes in the lake while sitting on the dock with a bunch of friends and family.

Somehow that conversation got around to age and aging. Someone said I don't appear to be as old as I actually am - that part I pretty much knew and loved. The next part is what has me worried. They said that I seem younger because I act younger and I act younger because of my job.


What happens if/when I have to leave the world of high school and get a job in the adult world? What happens if I get an office?

Will I suddenly feel old?

Will I look older?

Will I forget how to laugh?

Will I become one of "those" older people?

Will I forget what it is like to be a kid?

Will I forget how to play and be silly?

Will I ever giggle again?

Laugh laugh if you like, but I have to say this is one of the things that scares me most about my possible school closure and career change.

I don't wanna grow up!


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Mummy Choice

I hate being in a state of limbo!

The kids and I are contemplating a jaunt to New York to see the Tut Exhibit before it flies home to Egypt. The boy has always been a mega fan of mummies, Egypt, and all that jazz. I've taken him to The British Museum in London and he was fascinated. Outside of actually visiting Egypt, that museum offers a fantastic experience. The girl has been driving me crazy to take her to New York City.

I have never been there. That seems so weird to me. I have visited and am quite comfortable in a number of European cities, but this great city in my own country is foreign to me.

Had this opportunity come up a year ago, it would have been a no-brainer. I'd already have the plane tickets purchased and the hotel reservations made. Instead I'm torn. New York City is expensive, and when I do these "once in a lifetime" things, the hub usually just says "go for it" and makes sure there is plenty of money for us to blow.

This time is different. The future is simply too iffy right now to be comfortable with an easy decision.

Do I take go for it and spend the money when I may not even have a job a year from now? Does it make more sense to save the money for that possible rainy day? Should I savor this adventure with my kids because we'd be doing something we'd never do again?

The hub says go for it. He'll dogsit and hand over the cash for the three of us to play in the Big Apple for a few nights. I figure we'd go in October.

Keep in mind, I'm taking both kids to England and France in March. That's going to hit us in the bank account as well.

Argh - I do so hate hate hate hate hate hate this uncertain feeling.

What to do?


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Baby Diva

I am creating a wee little monster, but she truly is a damn cute one.

The other day Babycub (who I really should rename now that she is taller than me) and I took the little grandbaby to the mall for "girls' day". It was a delight!

I think a love of shoes must be a genetic thing that runs strongly through the females in my clan. Actually, shoes were the primary reason for this shopping extravaganza - MiniMouse needed new sandals and I'm just the woman to take her shopping!

We started in the shoe store and after she gleefully tried on a number of pairs, we found the perfect ones. From the shoe store we scampered into a children's clothing store to find the perfect outfit for our little Diva in Training. The one we chose was so utterly delightful that we simply had to do a quick change in the dressing room after paying for our treasures.

Everyone knows the perfect outfit requires the perfect accessories, so our next stop was a boutique that carries jewelry for teenyboppers and little girls. Our little lady happily found some bracelets, a cute little purse to match her new outfit, and pink polka-dotted sunglasses to complete the ensemble.

The look was complete and she was loving the feeling of struttin' through the mall in her new get up.

I was giggling.

She was adorable.

We did lunch.

We shopped for new books.

We had a great day and I'm looking forward to a whole lot of days like this in the future. This gram (beebee) thing really does rock!


Monday, July 12, 2010

Babbly Thoughts

I miss blogging. I also miss the community aspect of having a number of blogs that I look forward to reading. I always enjoyed the silliness of some bloggers, the joy of others, the opinions of some. I loved the variety of the numerous personalities that I came to know and enjoy.

I know I bailed out - took time away. I think a number of people did the same thing. Sadly, not everyone found their way back to the world of writing, journaling, whatever. Facebook seems to have nabbed a number of people. I gave that a very very short try and I really don't care for it. It's not as interesting or as deep as blogging was to me.

I can't fight Facebook, but I will continue to blog. I'm hoping to find new blogs to read, new people to enjoy, new readers for my babble, etc. I am going to try to be more dilligent about tossing something up here more frequently. I'm also going to post at a couple of my usual haunts with the idea of eventually just using one site.

Cross your fingers; I am hoping to see more of the "old" bloggers around these parts!