Monday, February 9, 2009

Octomom Rant

I'm an irritated crankyass about this whole deal of the "octomom". Yeah, I'm talking about the dim bulb that recently gave birth eight babies. Can we say selfish, immature, and looneytunes?

What the fuck?

I have no issue with people using alternative methods to help them have kids. Hell, one of my best friends has had to travel down that path. However, she wasn't living with her parents, she has a decent job, and all that jazz.

It's a scary and slippery slope I am on to suggest that the doctor acted irresponsibly in this case. I realize that it could lead to someone out there making decisions about who can and cannot have children. Yet, I do think that the doc had a moral obligation to check the situation he's helping to create children to move on into.

I've seen the interview with Octomom. Sure, I'm not a mental health expert, but to my uneducated eyes, she appears to be a fruitburger. I wanted to smack her when she babbled on about the fact that she'd be able to give her children herself and unconditional love - as compared to others who cannot say that. Excuse me? I'm betting there are a whole lot of parents out there who would love to be able to stay home with their children, but they are not able to - they have these silly things called bills that have to be paid. It doesn't mean they don't love their kids - it means they are responsible for their children - emotionally AND financially.

Having children isn't about wealth. God knows there are a hell of a lot of poor people that are wonderful parents. Yet, when one consciously makes a decision to have a baby - much less FOURTEEN children - I believe you have to have some kind of plan that doesn't involve everyone else who's doing the 9-5 gig footing the bill for you.

Today I saw an interview with Octomom's mother and in it they showed the home where Octomom lives with her parents, her first six kids, and someday the other eight kids. It's a smaller three bedroom place. Grandma claims that she is in charge of most of the childcare and is overwhelmed. She's angry about her daughter's decision and has no idea how they will get by when the new babies are brought home.

Octomom has received a chunk of money from a settlement she got after being injured on the job. She's not given a dime of that money to her parents - instead - they are forced to try to support her and her growing family. My guess is a chunk of that cash has gone to Dr. Irresponsible to pay for her latest adventure into parenthood.

I say Dr. Irresponsible should step up to the plate and pay child support. After all, he's technically the one responsible for Octomom having fourteen children.

I just feel so very very sorry for those fourteen kids.


Dust Bunnies

*dusts off this blog*

Sheesh, kids! I go offline for a bunchamonths and almost immediately after I find my way back to the world of the internet, efx takes a crash. Where is that amazing Sully pilot when we need him?

This morning I found myself home from work as ice blankets the roads, trees, and everything else around me. I wanted to blog, but the password to this place had completely slipped my mind. I have a tendency to forget things like passwords; this time I'd actually sent an email to myself with the password and log in. What the heck? That is soooooooooo unlike me. After digging around and finding the email, here I am.

This is good. I'd forgotten the address to this blog which meant I couldn't visit the links that I had stored here. See? I truly am fast becoming the blog world equivalent of the absent-minded professor. 'Course, I'm still a couple years short of that PhD - the title can still fit. Hopefully, I'll eventually catch up with everyone. Hang in there if it takes me a wee bit to find you and begin to haunt your blog again. I'll get there, I'll get there.